Exhibitons Featuring My Works

With many years of art-making experience at hand, I am blessed to have my works featured in numerous exhibitions across the US!

For my friends and fans that also means that every such an exhibition is a chance to come and see my works being displayed in public!

Go to the Booking page and buy the tickets for some of those exhibitions!


Governors Island Art Fair

A roster of 100 artists, selected from all over the world, uses the former military houses on Colonels Row to create site-specific installations.


“Disguise: Masks and Global American Art”

Works by 25 contemporary artists are paired with African masks to explore the ways in which becoming something or someone else reshape the relationship between individual and society.



The New York half of this two-city show in London and Gotham pairs single works by Urs Fischer and Richard Serra on the one hand, and Jeff Koons and 19th-century Italian sculptor Vincenzo Gemito on the other.


“Unfinished: Thoughts Left Visible”

The certified, pre-owned luxury car of museums, the Met Breuer opened March 18 for an eight-year stay in the Whitney’s old Madison Avenue home, while demolition at the Lila Acheson Wallace Wing on Fifth Avenue gets underway to make room for expanded modern and contemporary galleries.


Ultimate NYC Street Art Depictions

This street art festival will feature such artists as Fatti Di China • Kunos • Nacho • Carto • Dirty • Trve Handsta • Rap1 • Coche’ Tome’ • Idro51 • Hesse • Microbi • Pablosax • Keyb • Michela Di Lanzo • Natalia D’avena • Francesco Andrisano • Antonio Zappone • Roger Angeles • Christian Suonidipinti + Moreee!


DOS group exhibition

In May 2016 Swinton Gallery opened. Since then,  two rooms of the exhibition space have presented the work of dozens of artists in all disciplines. Diferents projects  through abstraction, graffiti, figurative  and the most reivindicative art.